Necessity is the Mother of Mompreneur

While I’d love to tell you that I became an entrepreneur because I always dreamt of having my own business, I’d be lying. The truth is that I fell into entrepreneurship out of necessity. As a military spouse of 11 years, the continuous relocation process and lack of ideal career opportunities both frustrated and annoyed me. So … I decided to create my own portable career, and in 2011, I started my online business and haven’t looked back since.

Business ownership has been amazing in so many ways. I get to do work I love on my terms, and my business is location-independent so I can work from anywhere. The flexibility is great because I set my schedule as I see fit to meet my and my family’s ever-changing needs.

All has not, however, been peachy-keen on this journey, and the pressure has been real to say the least. As a solopreneur, what my business is and becomes falls squarely on these two shoulders. While I’ll gladly take credit for the good, I’m also responsible for the bad (or not-so-ideal): The constant hustle is mine. The problems and frustrations are mine. The client droughts are mine. The expenses are mine. The failures are mine. The critics are mine, and the list goes on and on. But even so … I still love it, and it’s that genuine love that makes me get back up each time I fall to dust myself off, reassess and shift as needed. Follow me and my journey through the ups and downs of being a Mom first, a wife second, and being a mompreneur in #DoMode.


Cachet Prescott is a personal coach and self-mastery expert for introverts, highly sensitive people (HSPs) and other quiet souls. Through her transformational coaching, training and speaking, she’s teaches quiet and sensitive souls how to be heard and thrive in a loud, frenetic world while remaining true to who they are.

Cachet owns Shift Matters, LLC, a leadership and personal development firm teaching individuals, teams, leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations to make shift happen in career, business and life. Her advice and insights have been featured on DailyWorth, Fast Company, LearnVest, and SheKnows.

Above and beyond her business life, Cachet is a proud military spouse and mother of three girls whose names start with S.

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