Taking A Chance

Chancelor Bennett, also known as Chance the Rapper has caused quite the stir in the last year. A native of Chicago, Chance has been active in the rap game since 2011 with his mixtape 10 Day, made during his 10 day suspension from Jones College Prep High School for marijuana possession. This mixtape caught the attention of magazines like Complex and Forbes listing him as the next big thing. Teachers often laughed at his desire to be a musical artist. But, Chance didn’t let this get him down.

Independent Means Freedom

Now, the independent rapper is turning down millions and millions of dollars to remain independent. It’s important to note that the main reason why Chance is turning away millions of dollars is so that he can control his craft and unleash his creativity in his own way without being at the mercy of record labels. In his Grammy acceptance speech, Chance even goes on to state:

“I know people think that independence means you do it by yourself, but independence means freedom.”

Chance takes home his first Grammy

Chance is breaking ground by being unapologetically himself. He’s doing so many things people thought an independent artist wouldn’t be able to, and he’s doing it on HIS terms. Including taking home 3 Grammys. That’s right, one of music’s prestigious awards and this guy took home 3 of them. One for “Best New Artist”, “Best Rap Performance”, and “Best Rap Album”. If you don’t like Chance the Rapper, you have to at least respect his craft, his unwillingness to put aside his morals for money, and his dedication to his fans. The most mind blowing thing about Chance? He hasn’t sold not one song. He streams music FREE for his fans, and plans to continue to stream his music. Though there are many independent artists out there, not many would give up close to $10 million dollars so that they could have full control of their music and give back as much as they could to their fans. His energy and the persona that he puts forth is genuine and contagious. This man is able to be successful and not have to sell records, or sell his soul to do so. With his charismatic #BlackBoyJoy, his “feel good” tunes, and his unshakable morale, there’s no telling what Chance the Rapper can’t do.