My name is Dahlia and I’m currently a 2nd year college student attending the University of Connecticut. I’m proud to say that I’m a first generation college student with immigrant parents. Though there have been obstacles in my path, like financial issues and personal problems, I’m here, and I’m here to win. Coming from an immigrant family who’s considered to be “low income”, I have no room for failure. The fact that I come from a low income family has pushed me so much because I know that if I succeed, it won’t only be me succeeding, but my family also.

I’ve been offered the opportunity to chronicle my journey through the struggles of being a first generation college student. From navigating my way blindly through college life to managing the responsibilities that come with being the linchpin that holds my family together; see how being in #DoMode helps me accomplish my goals to obtaining my degree and making a generational shift for my family.