Chris Hogan Is In #DoMode

Tom Brady can make a wide receiver out of just about any one. To date, Tom has thrown touchdown passes to a NFL record 63 different receivers. Out of all of those guys, he still has his favorites, and his latest favorite receiver has been passed around/counted out Chris “7-11” Hogan. Chris Hogan is on his way to the Super Bowl, the most coveted championship in sports, and it is all thanks to his quarterback and his unconventional path that is the definition of #DoMode.

Hogan’s Path

In a recent article covered by ESPN, Chris Hogan was asked about his path and how he would fit in with the Patriots. Being under-recruited for football he decided to take his talents to the lacrosse field at Penn State. After playinChris Hogan Scores TD in Patriots Playoff gameg three seasons for the “Nittany Lions”, Chris still had the urge to play football. He was offered a spot on Monmouth’s roster for his senior season. At Monmouth his stats were pedestrian at best, posting 12 receptions for the year and 3 TD’s. This┬áled him to going undrafted in the 2011 NFL draft. Hogan signed with the San Francisco 49ers and then bounced around to the Giants, Dolphins, and Buffalo Bills. It was with the Bills where Hogan gained opportunity to showcase his talents through pure attrition. His time in Buffalo allowed him to send a message to the league that he belonged, and the New England Patriots heard him loud and clear. The Pats signed Hogan this past off season to a 3 year contract worth 12 million bucks, by far his biggest contract of his career and a long way from making the league minimum.

How Hogan Uses #DoMode

Hogan explains that being in #DoMode has helped motivate him to keep going. A normal person wouldn’t have left Penn State to go to Monmouth, but that was where his opportunity lied. A normal person couldn’t take being passed on by every team in the NFL and then bounced around with no real opportunity to at least play. A normal person would have hung it up and called it quits. But Chris and everyone who is in #DoMode aren’t normal. They are persistent at chasing their passions, and believe in their ability even when most others don’t. Chris keeps his #DoMode wristband on during every game and uses it as a reminder that it’s the hashtag that gets it done!