How to Get Out of a Slump

We all have those moments and even longer time periods when we fall into a slump. We slack off on the things we are supposed to be doing.  Then we become withdrawn and our energy level decreases. Our attitude becomes less positive and our drive seems to lose its tenacity.  In most cases, a life event or a tragic occurrence interrupts our lives, causing these negative effects and throwing us off track with our goals.

I’ve had plenty of these moments and periods in my life where I’ve been in a down and out mood for a few weeks with decreased energy and not doing all I can to accomplish my goals.  Bringing yourself out of these moments is hard work, but being in #DoMode has exposed me to a few things you can do to help yourself get out of a slump and get back to reaching for your dreams and accomplishing your goals!

Using Hashtag DoMode to get out of your slump

Refocus your mind.

The first thing you need to do is refocus your mind. Our actions, energy and drive decrease and sometimes die out due to the condition of our minds. Life events constantly put strain on our minds and some events cause our minds to lose focus. To refocus my mind, I find that going to a tranquil place and meditating (like at the beach when its less crowded) helps me a lot. Just closing my eyes and letting thoughts drift loosely puts a sense of peace over my mind. It helps to calm my mind in regards to whatever calamity is going on in my life and allows me to clearly look at the issue and figure out a solution.  During meditation, I also try and tell myself that everything will work out, bringing positivity back into my mind and driving out worry, anxiousness, sadness and any other negative thoughts. I also use exercising and writing to refocus, two great methods that I find very effective.  Whatever avenue you choose is up to you as long as it aides in refocusing your mind so you can remain in #DoMode and reach your goals!

Surround yourself with positive people.

The next step is to surround yourself with positive people.  (Check out this article on how the people you surround yourself with effects you.)  When I found myself in a slump recently, I found positivity in a few different ways.  First, a couple of people reached out to me about writing poems for them.  A friend of mine reminded me about the magazine project we are creating.  I saw an ad from an author looking for bloggers.  Seeing people around me that are reaching for their goals allowed me to feed off their positive energy and their drive. They gave me motivation without even knowing it. If you find yourself struggling to regain your focus, energy and positivity, feed off of the positive vibes around you, take that good advice and be inspired by actions. I hope that one day, my positive energy can help someone else if they find themselves in a slump.  Surrounding yourself with people who are in their version of #DoMode is a great way to revitalize your energy!  These people are usually positive, energetic go-getters, and that kind of energy is contagious.  Talking to someone in #DoMode about your can give you the words, energy and motivation you need to keep going.

Get into #DoMode!

The last step, but definitely not least, is to get into #DoMode!!  Now that you have refocused your mind, gained back your motivation and positivity from your fellow doers, it’s time to get into #DoMode. Pick up where you left off on your goals.  Make a plan to catch up on your to-do list.  Go out and accomplish your goals and dreams. Put your passion into action! It is never too late to get back into #DoMode after falling off the path.  To help avoid getting back into a slump and hold yourself accountable, join the #DoMode community and don’t forget to utilize the hashtag in your DoMode activities!