How to Get Into #DoMode

You should now be familiar with hashtag #DoMode and the mission behind it, but if things are still a little unclear as to what #DoMode actually is or you missed the original post, click here.  One question you may be asking yourself now is how and when can I use #DoMode?  Well, that part is easier than spelling your own name.

Step 1. When ever you post something of you getting things done on any of your social media networks (and we mean anything) add the hashtag DoMode to it. That is it.

And if you’re feeling super ambitious repost and share other #DoMode related things, including this post, to really get into your #DoMode.

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The beauty of the hashtag is its versatility. You can literally use it for anything and everything as long as it is progressive and positive.  There are #DoMode worthy things happening in your life every day. Starting a new small business?  That’s #DoMode.  Furthering your education?  That’s #DoMode. In the gym and living a healthier lifestyle?  Yup, you guessed it, that’s #DoMode! Whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish, whatever your goals are, big or small, attach #DoMode to it. This will not only help you keep track of your progress from your very first #DoMode post on Instagram or Facebook, but you instantly become involved in a community of Doers!

In the #DoMode community, you will find other like-minded people wanting to make a change either for themselves or for others. Seeing others follow their dreams is huge motivation to continue to move forward with yours. It’s like having that gym partner who won’t let you give up until you complete that last rep.  Also, by being a part of this community, you may very well become the inspiration for someone else!

Can you imagine? Inspiring someone just by being you and chasing your goals.

There are people out there who need the things that you provide, and by joining this social community you can promote your services by getting your posts right in front of them.  Think back to a time where you needed some guidance on how to get to the place you’re at now. Didn’t you wish there was someone out there that you could follow and learn from?  Well the #DoMode community allows you to guide someone while simultaneously being able to get guidance from another member for yourself.

For example, an aspiring author has an idea for a hit novel.  I’m talking about a Harry Potter type of hit.  But he doesn’t know where to start. This aspiring author with this great idea stumbles across #DoMode and sees that there is a published author that has been posting her process for writing books and on how to get published using the hashtag DoMode. Scrolling through the #DoMode timeline the aspiring author has gained enough knowledge on how to start his own journey. Now he begins to use the hashtag on his posts to show his progress and the circle of #DoMode continues for a future Doer to be inspired by.  The #DoMode concept is here for all to benefit. You can use it as a tool to get you where you need to be, use as a place to track your progress while reaching your goals, or as a way to help others to start their journey, or even better yet… all of the above!  Being a part of the #DoMode community provides a rare opportunity to be both selfish and selfless all at the same time!

It’s all positive vibes when it comes to #DoMode, so let’s not waste anymore time. Go put the hashtag on all your photos, status updates, and tweets of you putting in the work because you deserve to get noticed and someone deserves to learn from your #DoMode!