DoMode: the hashtag that gets it done.

What is DoMode? Have you found yourself on the brink of a great idea that could not only change the world but also drastically change your family’s financial situation for the better? Or maybe your goals and dreams aren’t as grand as ending world hunger or achieving world domination, but if you are living, breathing, and above all reading this post, I am sure that you have goals and dreams that you hope to achieve one day. The operative word in that last little tidbit is “hope”. The word hope is what so many people hold on to. Most hope for things to happen, they hope for things to work out. Now don’t get me wrong, things like faith and hope are sometimes all one can hold on to in certain situations and they are necessary tools for success. But that’s only the first step in achieving your goals.

The biggest piece of the equation (and the most important piece) is the “Do” portion. Good ideas and brilliant moments come a dime a dozen. Even the dullest knife in the draw can stumble upon a good idea every now and then. Putting a plan in place to execute the “Golden Idea” is a bit harder, but not impossible, and can still derive from the bulb that is not exactly the brightest in the bunch. It’s the “Do” part, the actual execution of the plan that makes the great idea and the dreams come to reality. This is where most get tripped up, and ultimately fail by either just hoping things happen or flat out doing nothing at all. Relying on just hope and faith to get the things that are hard to obtain, while you sit idly by on the wayside is a great recipe for zero progress. While some are lucky enough to have an elevDoMode gets you into action. ator to take them to the top floor where success is located, most have to take the stairs and those stairs to success aren’t conventional by any means. You will find that some steps are bigger than others, making them harder to get to. There will be floors where the staircases are crowded. There will be floors where the staircases are lonely and so dark that you can’t even see the next step. There will be floors that require special access and the only way to be granted that access is by networking and knowing the right people. OK, by now you see the point; if you don’t, the point is that the path to reaching your goals is more often a long and tough one and the only way to progress through the path is by actually doing something to make those dreams and goals come true.

So, back to the original question. What is DoMode? DoMode is the essence of taking action. After the dreaming, the planning, and the visualizing of goals, comes the action. Putting one foot in front of the other and going from one step to the next. DoMode is the zone that one gets into when it is time to make things happen. No more preparing to prepare, no more talking about what you’re going to do, and no more worrying about what may or may not happen. Focus your mind and motivate yourself to hop into DoMode, track your progress and remember that regardless of the setbacks, just keep “doing” because as long as you are “doing” you are progressing, and as long as you are progressing you are that much closer reaching your dreams.

Join the DoMode wave by searching the #DoMode hashtag on  TwitterFacebook, and Instagram to see others getting into their version of DoMode. Also, apply the #DoMode hashtag to your photos, tweets, and posts to track your progress, inspire, and to motivate yourself and others.